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        Quality certification

        To provide you with the most professional environmental protection electronic material solutions

        The Best of the best

        The supply of extremely high-quality goods so that you can purchase rest assured

        Guarantee of authenticity

        By the manufacturers of bulk delivery by no other distribution


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        Address: 3 / F, no. 34, Dongxing Road, Chadong village, Dalong Street, Panyu District, Guangzhou City
        Business tel:13902274865
        Tel:  020-39961485
        Mailboxes:el-led @163.com


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        Company profile

        Guangzhou Riquan Electronics Co. , Ltd.Founded in 2008, mainly engaged in light-emitting Diode Research and development, production and sales. To improve the quality management system and strict testing, rigorous process to ensure product reliability, to meet the NEEDS OF HIGH-END CUSTOMERS! We always believe that quality is a responsibility and obligation, we always believe that only the quality of continuous improvement, continuous quality improvement, is the law of Progress of the company;
        BRAND POLICY:To improve the quality of products and effective service to meet customer demand
        Brand Management:Integrity, innovation, pioneering and enterprising.

        制造流程 Manufacturing process
        品質保證 Quality Assurance


        Contact us

        Headquarters address:
        No. 34, Dongxing Road, Chadong village, Dalong Street, Panyu District,
        Guangzhou City
        Tel:  020-39961485
        Fax: 020-39973139M
        Email address:el-led @163.com

        Suzhou Office address:
        1307, building 1, Fenghui commercial building, 129 Juxian road,
        Xiangcheng District, Suzhou
        Tel: 0512-69387656
        Fax: 0512-69387657